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Sellavator - Premier Roller Grill Divider Kit

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The King of Roller Grill Dividers. 

Organize your roller grill, optimize safety, and boost sales with FoodSignPros’ best-selling, patented Sellavator Divider System. 

The Sellavator roller grill divider kit will elevate your roller grill in three key ways:

(1) Organization

(2) Safety

(3) Merchandising

(1) Organization

The Sellavator Divider System is the king of roller grill dividers. It organizes roller grills and prevents food products from “walking” or moving while on the grill. Arrange your food by flavor, category, or status—e.g. “still-cooking” versus “ready to eat”—and the Sellavator will keep them that way.

Organized roller grills promote cleaner, more-organized food offerings. That leads to more sales. 

(2) Food Safety

The Sellavator promotes food safety by protecting against the hazards of cross-contamination, allergens, and undercooked food.

  • The Sellavator’s divider bars improve food safety by physically separating different flavors and undercooked items. This helps prevent cross-contamination.
  • The Sellavator can be equipped with Banner Bars (sold separately), which physically block customers from accessing still-cooking items. You cannot do this with other roller grill dividers.
  • The Sellavator can be equipped with Hang-Down Signs (sold separately) to prevent customers from accessing roller grills’ front control panels.
  • The Sellavator can be equipped with Rollerdek Clips and custom signage (both sold separately). It helps to identify flavors, allergens, and cooking status (e.g. “still cooking” versus “ready to eat”). Leverage these signs to promote various day parts, limited-time offers, price breaks, and more to keep roller grills profitable and customers happy. Other roller grill dividers cannot do this.

(3) Merchandising

In addition to organizing roller grills and keeping them safe, the Sellavator Divider System merchandises, markets, and identifies roller-grill offerings like nothing else available. Other roller grill dividers cannot do this. 

The Sellavator can transform any roller grill into a must-see customer destination within your store. Some of the Sellavator Roller Grill Divider's merchandising abilities include:

  • Identifying flavors, limited-time offers, day part specials, and more, with FoodSignPros’ patented Rollerdek Clips and custom signage (sold separately). Other roller grill dividers cannot do this. 
  • Promoting cross-selling, bundles, and more with FoodSignPros’ patented Hang-Down Signs (sold separately), which turn the front of your grill into a high-traffic message-delivery point.
  • Bundle the Sellavator with larger Header board Signage to call attention to your roller grill from a distance.

Features & Benefits of the Sellavator - Premier Roller Grill Divider Kit

  • The Sellavator, a roller grill divider kit, has no rival. It marshals roller-grill products in a neat-and-orderly manner to optimize customer appeal and profits.
  • Protects against potentially disastrous cross-contamination from uncooked food or allergens.
  • Merchandises, markets, and identifies roller-grill food items. No other roller grill dividers can compete with this. 
  • Dividers can be adjusted for any size of food items (e.g. extra-long hot dogs).
  • Magnets are used to lock Sellavator in place. 
  • Unlike other roller grill dividers, there is no assembly required for the Sellavator; comes assembled as one piece. Easy to install; easy to operate, remove, and clean thereafter.
  • The set is available for any size roller grill. Please specify the exact roller grill make & model when ordering to ensure proper fit.
  • Cool to the touch, unlike other roller grill dividers.
  • Made from FDA- and NSF-approved materials.
  • High-heat-resistant up to 300 degrees!


The ultimate centerpiece for any roller grill, the Sellavator, a roller grill divider kit, has many patented accessories and add-ons (sold separately). Although countless combinations are available, popular Sellavator accessories include: 

  • Banner Bars – Banner Bars affix to the Sellavator’s divider bars to physically block customers from accessing still-cooking products. Banner Bars also market your items with custom signage. Other roller grill dividers cannot match the Sellavator's ability to sell more items. Contact us to discuss customization!
  • Rollerdek Clips and Flavor IDs – Rollerdek Clips affix directly onto Sellavator divider bars. Once there, Rollerdek Clips hold custom Flavor IDs to help customers identify flavors, promotions, and cooking status (e.g. “still-cooking” versus “ready to eat”). Other roller grill dividers cannot match this ability. 
    • With multiple signage slots in each Rollerdek Clip, one Rollerdek Clip can easily accommodate three or more signs. This means that you can identify multiple flavors, “still-cooking” areas, or limited-time offers or day part specials with just one Rollerdek Clip.
    • There are several different types of Rollerdek Clips available: 
      • Rollerdek Clip MAX – a stronger, more robust version of the classic Rollerdek Clip. Most popular Rollerdek Clip.

The centerpiece of any roller grill, the Sellavator roller grill dividers can be paired with many add-ons, including:

Patented and effective, the Sellavator roller grill divider kit is the ultimate tool for any roller grill.

Contact us to discuss customization!