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Hot Dog Roller Grills & Roller Grill Accessories

Roller Grill Dividers & Organizers

Roller Grill Dividers & Organizers

Organize your roller grill, optimize safety, and boost sales with our best-selling, patented Sellavator Divider System.

Prevents food from “walking” or moving while on your roller grill.

Simply arrange your food by flavor, category, or status, including “still-cooking” versus “ready to eat,” and our Sellavators will keep them that way.

Protects against potentially disastrous cross-contamination from uncooked food or allergens.

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Best-Seller: Roller Thimbles

Best-Seller: Roller Thimbles

Roller Thimbles are taking the industry by storm!

Our food-safe Roller Thimbles sit directly on top of your grill’s rollers like any hot dog or sausage. Like those foods, Roller Thimbles use light and movement to attract attention and increase sales.

Equipped with custom graphics and artwork, Roller Thimbles require no installation whatsoever. Your customers will marvel at these simple-yet-effective merchandisers. It’s no wonder why Roller Thimbles are the hottest new labeling system on the market!

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Food Shield & Sneeze Guards

Food Shield & Sneeze Guards

Protect your customers and employees with our food-safe sneeze guards.

Intertek-listed in accordance with NSF standards, our roller-grill food shields come in a variety of looks and price points.

Beautiful graphics and messaging can be printed directly onto surface. Easy to install—works almost immediately upon arrival. Easy to clean. Custom sizes and shapes available.

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Custom Header Boards

Make your roller grill a true destination with custom header / backboard displays.

Available LED lighting, digital monitors, and more.

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Condiment Coolers & Stations

Don't forget the mustard! What's a hotdog without mustard? What's a roller grill without a condiment station?

Our expertise includes all kinds of condiment displays to improve safety, consumer confidence, and, ultimately, your revenue.

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