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Hang-Down, Front-of-Grill-Sign for Roller Grills - Customizable Front-of-Grill Signage for Roller Grills

Original price $39.99 - Original price $57.99
Original price
$39.99 - $57.99
Current price $39.99

Sell More; Worry Less

Take control of your roller grill and increase revenue with FoodSignPros’ patented Hang-Down Sign. Hang-Down Signs connect to, and hang from, FoodSignPros’ Sellavator Divider System (sold separately).

Hang-Down Signs prevent unauthorized tampering with roller-grill settings by concealing the consumer-facing control panels on roller grills. Despite that protection, Hang-Down Signs still allow for easy roller-grill control—they simply flip up to allow authorized access to roller grill controls. 

Hang-Down Signs are excellent point-of-purchase merchandisers. Use generic or custom graphics to identify flavors or communicate limited-time offers, new products, seasonal specials, and more.

Made with adjustable J- and C-channels, Hang-Down Signs allow for quick sign changes throughout the day to keep up with each daypart. Simply slide the preexisting sign out, and slide the new one in. It’s that simple!  

Contact us for custom signage.

Requires Sellavator Divider System  (sold separately).

For front-of-grill signage that does not connect to the Sellavator Divider System, see the Drip-Tray Sign

Hang-Down Sign, Features & Benefits:
  • The Hang-Down Sign drives profits and hides roller-grill panel controls to prevent unwanted tampering.
  • Easily swings/lifts up for employees to adjust grill temperature.
  • Great Point of Purchase / Marketing Tool – easy-to-use, built-in signage channels to maximize profits. Made with J- and C-channels, which allows for easy sign changes.
  • Food safe. 
  • Patented
  • Does not touch any part of roller grill to protect roller surface.
  • Contact us for custom graphics.