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Contact Us for Bulk & Custom Orders
Creating Spectacular Retail Experiences

Creating Spectacular Retail Experiences

At FoodSignPros, we believe that modern shoppers continuously create new opportunities for food retailers. Everything we do is designed to help food retailers capitalize on those opportunities.

As our name suggests, FoodSignPros produces world-class food signage. We engineer everything from food-safe flavor IDs and price labels to large POP displays and menu boards. Our signs are fully customizable and built to order for your unique needs—high heat, food safe, dishwasher safe, easy to use, durable.

FoodSignPros also produces many unique, patented signage systems for difficult-to-label display areas. This includes sign clips, holders, organizers, and more. Our patented signage systems cover all types of food operations, including roller grills, food cases, salad bars, bakeries, buffets, coffee, and more.   

FoodSignPros also creates comprehensive shopping experiences by improving the practical equipment needed by food operators. For instance, FoodSignPros manufactures outstanding, patented foodservice equipment like sneeze guards, pan lids, and organizers. FoodSignPros further improves these products by customizing them with graphics, colors, and imagery to compliment your brand and resonate with your customers. These improvements create comprehensive in-store marketing expressions, increased ROI, and spectacular shopper experiences. 

FoodSignPros is a company of constant growth and improvement. Contact us today to join our journey.

Mission Statement

FoodSignPros has been a leading foodservice manufacturer for many years. We have driven food retail during that time, pioneering the “destination” aspect of foodservice. Our many patented products continue to benefit some of the biggest retailers in the world.

Our solutions are guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations, impress your customers, and maximize your profits. We do everything we can to take work off your plate, offer competitive pricing, and timely deliver what you need, when you need it.


Mike Kurm - Founder & President

Mike Kurm - Founder & President

Mike Kurm is the inventor and owner of dozens of U.S. patents and multiple trademarks. He offers them through his company, FoodSignPros.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mike holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University. He is a drummer in a local band, has four children, and enjoys spending time with his wife, Maria.

Mike has decades of experience in the foodservice industry. He started as a manufacturer’s representative for a large food-equipment provider, where he worked for many years. During that time, Mike observed many problems in food retail. Mike started FoodSignPros to address those problems.

Company Timeline

Company Timeline

1994 - By 1994, Mike Kurm had been a sales representative for a major food plasticware company for many years. During that time, he noticed that many coffee pots and food pans were not labeled. As an engineer and natural problem solver, Mike began drawing images of clips and signage that could connect directly to food pans to label their contents. His initial designs can be found on napkins and scrap pieces of paper—anything he could get his hands on.

1998 - By the late nineties, Mike Kurm was the father of three and was fostering two more children with his wife, Maria. Although he was busy at home, Mike decided to take a leap of faith. He quit his day job and incorporated a business to bring his ideas to life.

1999 - In January, 1999, Spirit Specialty Solutions, Inc., was born. The first product sold was the JavaMinder coffee clip. The JavaMinder sat on the handle of glass coffee pots in convenience stores and identified the coffee's flavor. Some models featured a timer dial, which would notify employees when the coffee was sitting out for too long.

2000s - In the early 2000s, a woman from a large convenience store chain in Germany caught wind of the JavaMinder. She suggested that Mike make a similar product for roller grills. At the time, there were a few children who died after eating undercooked hot dogs from roller grills. Mike responded by designing the "Wiener Minder," a roller-grill cooking timer and signage display, to prevent similar tragedies from happening again.

2010s - By the 2010s, Spirit Specialty Solutions, Inc., had roughly fifteen patents for various products, which could be found in most major convenience store chains. These products spring-boarded Spirit into an entirely new field: food-safe printing and signage. As a result, Spirit engineered food-safe, high-temperature, dishwasher-safe signage substrates that could be used in food-contact environments. Spirit moved into a large manufacturing facility in Broomall, Pennsylvania, shortly thereafter. Spirit is grateful for the employees, partners, and friends that helped bring the new space to life.

2012 - Mike's children, Michael and Barbara, began working in Spirit's warehouse during their summer breaks. Mike loved that his children had a safe place to make some “going-out” money when not in school.

2016 - Spirit Specialty Solutions, Inc., began doing business as FoodSignPros after launching a new website:

2017 - Mike’s daughter, Barbara, began working full-time at FoodSignPros. For several years prior, Barbara worked as a professional actress, singer, and dancer on major tours around the world. Although she loved the bright lights, Barbara decided to put theater on the back burner and join the family business.

2020 - After graduating from law school with honors and spending several years practicing in distinguished law firms, Mike’s son, Michael, decided to join the family business.

FoodSignPros is a company of constant growth and improvement. We work tirelessly each day to continue our proud history. Contact us today to join our journey.