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Java Minder Coffee Clip with Timer Dial

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$8.99 - $8.99
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The Java Minder Coffee Clip with Timer Dial is what you need for your store, restaurant, coffee shop, or café. The Java Minder is the first patented product at FoodSignPros. This model also features a timer dial. You can't get this amazing coffee sign holder anywhere else. The coffee lovers who come through your coffee shop will love seeing fresh, clearly labeled coffee every time they come into your business.

It clips on to the handle of any glass coffee decanter. That's means the label is right at hand and easy to view. The Java Minder with Timer Dial allows your customers to enjoy a cup of hot coffee. This way they know they're taking home their favored flavor or coffee variety. Show them the selection of coffee that you offer with the customizable coffee clip from FoodSignPros. Add custom adhesive decals to your Java Minder to identify the daily coffee flavors or bean of the month. Our design team will create the perfect artwork for you to make your coffee clip special and to match it to your business.

With the Java Minder with Timer Dial from FoodSignPros, coffee brewing is easy. Timer dials tell your employees when the coffee is spoiled (4-hour timer). Your customers will always be happy and satisfied with their fresh cup of coffee.

Features of the Java Minder Coffee Clip with Timer Dial

  • Coffee sign holder made from FDA & NSF listed materials
  • Includes 4-hour timer dial
  • Black color
  • The coffee clip identifies the daily coffee flavors.
  • High-heat-resistant - up to 300 Degrees!
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Includes hardware only. Call for custom coffee decal designs!

Check out our other Java Minders

The original Java Minder does not feature a timer dial. It is otherwise identical to the Java Minder with Timer Dial.

The Java Minder 2 features a larger rectangular coffee sign holder instead of the curved one found on the original Java Minder.

All three Java Minder models attach to the handle of any glass coffee decanter. They're the universal solution to your coffee labeling problem.

Custom Signs Available

Custom signs help employees and customers identify coffee flavors and types. Our team can design custom images and text that clearly label each type of coffee in your coffee shop or at your coffee bar. These little coffee signs are also a perfect place to put your brand right into your customers' view.

Feel free to contact us for custom coffee sign designs and prices!