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FoodSignPros' Tong Holder and Tongs

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Convenient and Sanitary

FoodSignPros' Tong Holder and Tongs set is the ideal tool for your grill, salad bar, buffet, or any self-service food area. Tongs are your go-to tool in the kitchen, while grilling, and while serving. You can never have too good of a grip while you cook in the kitchen or serve at the buffet. Our tong holder is equipped with commercial-grade Velcro grip to easily attach it roller grills, food cases, sneeze guards, or to kitchen equipment. Make serving a breeze with a conveniently placed utensil next to your grilling or cooking area. Help keep your food service areas free from spillage and others messes with our tongs. Our tong set comes with everything you need to use it in your kitchen or cooking area.

Our Tong Holder comes with plastic tongs. But the holder easily accommodates stainless steel tongs, silicone tongs, locking tongs, long tongs, all standard tong types, and even some spatulas. The Velcro on the black Tong Holder securely grips to any flat surface and makes it simple to keep your tongs in view. The tong holder comes in a classic one-piece design that can hold heavy utensils by the handle. Our tongs make it easy for your customers to grab meat and other grill items. The tongs keep them safely away from the high heat of the red-hot grill. Tongs also work great on cold items like ice or green lettuce.

Features & Benefits of our Tong Holder and Tongs set

  • Item is simple to use and operate in any kitchen, restaurant, or buffet.
  • Perfect for use in self-service food operations.
  • Holder keeps tongs clean and accessible for customers. It grips tongs by the handle.
  • Lock tongs into place. High-quality Velcro mounting means the tongs are always in the right place in your business. Solid grip mount holds even heavy stainless steel and silicone tongs. Locks product to the wall while keeping tool accessible.
  • Easy one-hand operation.
  • Place tongs on either end of your buffet to account for all customer needs. Keeps the handles within easy reach of your food.
  • Pro-tip: you can never have too many tongs in your kitchen or food-serving area.
  • "Tongs" graphic included (depicted).
  • Package comes with Plastic Tongs (not pictured).
  • Works with your existing tongs: metal, nylon, silicone tip, large, small. Fits most standard serve tongs.
  • Use our tong set to cook in the kitchen and in your food serving area. Handle helps you stay away from the heat while cooking. Keep tongs where you need them by locking tongs holder in place.
  • All-purpose cooking and kitchen tool.

Product Description

Comes as a set with holder and tongs. Product is 2" W × 2" D × 8" H and made from PVC. Weighs 0.4 lbs. Product comes with "Tongs" graphic on holder, but custom graphics are also available. Comes with Velcro grip to lock the tong holder to any flat surface.

Check out our custom options!

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