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Flavor Flag Holder

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Unlock profits the easy way.

Turn any product divider or separator into a dual-purpose merchandiser with FoodSignPros’ Flavor Flag Holder.

Flavor Flag Holders attach to product dividers and hold signs right where you want them. Flavor Flag Holders are adjustable and can be placed precisely above the relevant product or area for pinpoint accuracy. That takes the guesswork out of retail signage and leads to happier customers.

Perfect for Roller Grills

Flavor Flag Holders are perfect for roller grills. They sit directly above the roller grill’s surface. That makes it easy to label what you want without confusing customers.

  • Compatible with roller-grill dividers and separators from most third-party manufacturers.

Once in place, Flavor Flag Holders display signage and Custom Food Signage (sold separately) to identify flavors, promotions, pricing, and more.

Flavor Flag Holders can also facilitate regulatory compliance by communicating cooking status, nutrition or calorie information, food allergens, and more. Contact us to discuss customization!

Features & Benefits – Flavor Flag Holder

  • Communicate information about your products—flavors, price, safety information, nutrition facts, promotions, and more—without any hassle.
  • Adjustable for easy, accurate messaging.
  • Affix directly onto product separators and dividers.
  • Compatible with most third-party product dividers and separators.
  • Excellent for roller grills.
  • Food safe.
  • High heat resistant. 
  • Dishwasher safe.

Contact us to discuss customization!

SpecificationsSkuFFHOLDAPWWidth (in.)2.9Depth (in.)0.2Height (in.)1.6Weight (lb.)0.01MaterialsStainless Steel

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