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Roller Grill Banner LED Light Bar

Original price $54.99 - Original price $86.99
Original price
$54.99 - $86.99
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Total Control; Brand Obsessed

Optimize roller-grill safety and profits with FoodSignPros’ patented Banner LED Light Bar - Roller Grill Signs - now with eye-catching LED lighting!

Part of our best-selling Sellavator Divider System (sold separately), Banner Bars affix to the Sellavator to improve food safety and sell more products. 

The product promotes food safety by blocking customer access to undercooked food. Affix the product to FoodSignPros’ Sellavator (sold separately) to physically block customers from accessing still-cooking products.

Banner Bars - Roller Grill Signs also communicate revenue-boosting information to your patrons with custom graphics and art. Banner Bars make it easy to beautifully label any column or section of your roller grill. You can label it by flavor, category, or cooking status (e.g. “still-cooking” versus “ready to eat”). Contact us for custom roller grill signs!

The item minimizes the time it takes your customers to make their food selections. That maximizes the number of customers that you can serve over any period of time. Banner Bars reduce customer confusion and ensure that your customers get the flavors they want, thereby cutting down the hassle of complaints and returns. Contact us for custom roller grill signs!

Features and Benefits - Banner LED Light Bar

  • The perfect addition to any Sellavator Divider System (sold separately), Banner Bars boost food safety and sell more products. Competing roller grill signs cannot do that. 
  • Banner Bars create a “Still-Cooking Zone” across the width of your entire roller grill to physically block customers from accessing still-cooking food products.
  • Banner Bars feature a built-in holder for roller grill signs. Insert custom graphics to identify flavors, promote specials, and enhance your overall brand. Contact us for custom signage!
  • All of our roller grill signs are food-safe, high-heat-resistant, and dishwasher-safe.

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