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Stainless Steel Rollerdek Clip - Roller Grill Sign Holder

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Profitability, Simplified

Boost profits with the FoodSignPros’ patented Rollerdek stainless steel clip. FoodSignPros' Rollerdek Clips are the ideal holders for roller grill signs.

Rollerdek Clips are perfect for holding signage and graphics. They clip directly onto most roller grill product separators and dividers to help deliver messages with pinpoint accuracy. That makes it so much easier for customers in your shop to know what each food item in their view is. This little accessory really helps your merchandise display.

Rollerdek clips affix directly onto product separators and dividers. Once there, Rollerdek Clips hold custom signage securely in place for pinpoint messaging and product identification anywhere along the divider/separator.

With multiple signage slots in each Rollerdek Clip, one Rollerdek Clip can easily accommodate three or more signs. This means that you can identify multiple flavors, “still-cooking” areas, and more with just one Rollerdek Clip.

Rollerdek Clips work perfectly with FoodSignPros’ Sellavator Divider System.

  • A great accessory to FoodSignPros’ Sellavator Kit, Rollerdek Clips affix directly onto the Sellavator’s divider bars. They also work great on the Corn Dog Sellavator.
  • Once there, Rollerdek Clips hold Custom Food Signage to help customers identify roller-grill flavors, promotions, and cooking status (e.g. “still-cooking” versus “ready to eat”). They display food from your menu and other key information.
  • Leverage these messages to keep roller grills profitable. Use them to give the menu price for each food item and to provide easy identification of hot dog roller grill products. This accessory helps your store move more items. It's a miracle merchandiser.

Multiple Models are available:

  • Rollerdek Clip – the original; classic; tried-and-true. High-heat resistant to 300°. Dimensions: 0.25" x 1" x 1"
  • Rollerdek Clip MAX – a stronger, more robust version of the classic Rollerdek Clip. Our most popular Rollerdek Clip. High-heat-resistant to 300°. Dimensions: 0.5" x 1.09" x 1.34"

Equip your Rollerdek Clips with custom signage and Flavor IDs (sold separately). Contact us to discuss customization!

Rollerdek Clips for Roller Grill Signs Features & Benefits

  • Rollerdek Clips are perfect for holding roller grill signs and graphics onto most product separators and dividers to help deliver messages with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Designed to hold your custom signage securely in place anywhere along the length of the separator.
  • For sign holders compatible with roller grill dividers from other suppliers, see FoodSignPros’ Flavor Flag Holder.

Contact us to discuss customization!