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Bat Clip - Clip Sign Holder

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"If food is not marked, it will not be sold." Our popular, sleek, universal patented Bat Clip sign holder holds custom Flavor IDs on your roller grill. It helps to identify food above the rollers on the roller grill, which makes it easy to identify flavors. This is a safe and affordable way to identify flavors on your roller grill. It is made from food-safe, high-temperature black plastic. The sign holder easily clips onto the grill. It holds Flavor IDs, which can be custom-made to fit your brand.

  1. Bat Clips sit on a roller grill to identify flavors of protein and cook zones.
  2. Bat Clips can also be used as replacement clips for Dog Catchers.
  3. Sign holder has holes on the side to hold Pocket Test Thermometers as an option for accurate cooking temperature.

The Bat Clip is a simple and effective way to improve your roller grill merchandising. It makes it easy for you to attach clear and precise signage right next to your products. Hook your customers when you add a pop of color to your display, highlight a new product, or display a price sign. Your customers will appreciate your store's well-placed labels. People order more when they can easily view what you're selling. That's a boon to retail sales and great for customer service. This plastic sign holder can do it all. If you need more roller grill signs, compare our complete line of roller grill sign holders.

Features of the Bat Clip Sign Holder

  • Bat Clip made with FDA & NSF-listed materials
  • High Heat - up to 300 Degrees!
  • Made from food-safe plastic.
  • Universal Design - Attaches to any roller grill set.
  • Takes up virtually no space on crowded grills.
  • Bat Clip simply hooks onto one of your roller grill's rollers.
  • Sturdy base prevents sign holder from tipping over.
  • Easy to clean - Dishwasher-safe.
  • Hardware only. Works with our custom food-safe signage solution. Your new signs will great on our plastic sign holder.

Call for custom graphics!

Technical Specs of the Bat Clip

  • Sign holder is patented.
  • Generic and Custom Flavor Flag designs are available.
  • Overall Dimensions: 2.9" L × 2.8" H × 1.1" W

Sign Holders Deserve Custom Signs

FoodSignPros can make custom signs that fit any sign holder. Your retail store needs a lot of signs and sign holders. We've got you covered with the right signs for every product and merchandise category. From the smallest sign holder to the largest menu board, we do it. Our sign holders are made from a variety of materials: stainless steel, plastic, acrylic, and more. Let our design team help you create the best retail displays and signs.

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