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Dog Catcher - Roller Grill Organizer

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$19.99 - $26.99
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Organize and Merchandize 

The Dog Catcher is a patented roller-grill organization and signage system by FoodSignPros.

A cousin of the Sellavator Divider System (sold separately), the Dog Catcher holds custom flavor flags, organizes roller grills, and eliminates "product walking” across the surface of roller grills.

The Dog Catcher attaches directly onto the rollers of any roller grill. Once there, it designates certain areas on the grill’s surface by flavor, cooking status, etc. Dog Catchers have built-in signage slots for our Custom Flavor IDs (sold separately), which communicates to your customers those areas that you designated by flavor, cooking status, etc. This improves customer communication and throughput, reduces confusion, reduces risks of cross-contamination, and sells more product. Contact Us for custom signage!

The Dog Catcher is an all-in-one solution that:

  • Separates flavors of roller-grill products,
  • Identifies flavors of roller-grill products, and
  • Prevents roller-grill products from "walking" across the surface of roller grills.

The Dog Catcher helps ensure that undercooked product does not contaminate those that are ready to be served. Available in different sizes.

  • Food safe.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • High heat resistant.
  • Fits onto all roller grills.
  • Recommended 3–4 Dog Catchers per grill.
  • Dog Catchers have the capability to hold Banner Bars (sold separately).
  • Works with FoodSignPros custom food safe signage solution.

Contact Us for custom signage!


SMALL Dog Catchers

  • Fits most 30 size grills 

LARGE / XLARGE Dog Catchers

  • Fits most 50 - 75 size grills