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"Still Cooking" Roller Thimble 1 - Rotating Roller Grill Signs

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Let the Good Times Roll.

The perfect roller grill signs, Roller Thimbles are taking the industry by storm! 

FoodSignPros’ patented, food-safe Roller Thimbles sit directly on top of the roller grill and rotate like any hot dog or sausage. That rotation and movement makes Roller Thimbles especially effective at attracting customers and increasing sales. No other roller grill signs can compete!

Your customers will marvel at these simple-yet-effective roller grill signs. It’s no wonder why Roller Thimbles are the hottest new labeling system on the market. 

Equipped with custom graphics and artwork, Roller Thimbles require no installation whatsoever. Contact us for custom roller grill signs. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Impress your customers and boost sales with 360° of merchandising potential on FoodSignPros’ patented Roller Thimbles.
  • Uses motion and glistening light to attract attention to your roller-grill products.
  • Sits directly on rollers for precise signage and labeling.
  • Makes your roller grill appear “full” at all times, thereby making your products seem fresher for longer.
  • Takes the hassle out of your customers’ food-selection process and minimizes time-consuming questions about unlabeled flavors.
  • Makes roller grill appear full; reduces the stress of frequent restocking—allows your employees to concentrate on providing great service to your customers. 
  • Roller Thimbles are food-safe, cheap, easy-to-install, and a great way to improve sales!
  • Like all of our roller grill signs, Roller Thimbles are food safe, high heat resistant, and dishwasher safe.
    • Available with LED lighting. 

    Contact us for custom signage!