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Roller Grill Flavor ID Tag Sign Holder - One Piece - Tall

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Roller Grill Flavor ID Tags Made Easy

Make your shop more attractive with our Roller Grill Flavor ID Tag Tall Sign Holder. The sign display stand holds your Roller Grill Flavor ID Tags to present your products easily and elegantly to your customers.

The Tall Sign Holder sits in between the rollers of any roller grill to identify food flavors. It fits on any roller grill and is perfect for all roller grill signs. 

Can hold multiple roller grill flavor ID tags at once, creating an all-in-one pricing-and-identification system. The Tall Sign Holder is the easiest way to display roller grill signs.

Features of the Tall Sign Holder

  • One-piece design--no small pieces to keep track of. 
  • The sign holder is well-balanced - stands tall and strong.
  • Made of steel
  • Budget-friendly food identification option for roller grill signs in your shop. 
  • High-profile product - catches customer's eye.
  • Food-safe, dishwasher-safe, and high-heat-resistant
  • Patented

Specs of the Sign Holder

  • Size: Width (in.) 4 x Depth (in.) 2.1 x Height (in.) 7.5
  • Weight (lb.) 0.1

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