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Hot Dog Roller Grill Delicious Kit

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$1,134.99 - $1,134.99
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Your roller grill will really cook with our Roller Grill Delicious Kit. The "Make Today Delicious" Merchandising Kit from FoodSignPros is your complete hot dog roller grill merchandising solution. This is the perfect tool to set you apart from the competition. Our merchandising kit is more than just a grill accessory. It's a deluxe tool that helps you sell more meat and protein from your roller grill. Our complete grill kit gives a clean and safe look to your grill. That makes it easy for your customers to buy what your shop is selling. We custom-make each set to fit your roller grill: any make, any model, and any size. **Artwork graphics are as seen above.

Features of the Hot Dog Roller Grill Delicious Kit

  • Roller Grill Header Board with "Make Today Delicious" message: draw people to you store by advertising what's on offer
  • Menu Board Stand: drive home your brand with a great menu
  • Sneeze Guard Canopy CSP Award-Winning & Intertek® listed: smooth case surface makes cleaning a breeze. Does not scratch or change color over time.
  • Sellavator® Divider System: the ultimate grill tool, the grate keeps your grill organized and looking great
  • Hang down Sign with "Make Today Delicious" message
  • Includes Patented “Still Cooking” Roller Thimbles (3)

Technical Specs of the Product


  • Fits most 30 size grills
  • APW 30, Creative Serving 24, Creative Serving 33, NEMCO 8036, Star 30, Star 30 Flat, Star 30 Slanted


  • Fits most 50 size grills
  • APW 45, APW 50, Creative Serving RR48, NEMCO 8045, NEMCO 8050, Star 50, Star 50 Flat, Star 50 Slanted


  • Fits most 75 grills
  • APW 75, Creative Serving 75, NEMCO 8075, Star 75, Star Flat, Star 75 Slanted

Grill kits are custom-made to fit your specific make and model grill. (Review the product variations and contact us if you don't see your specific roller grill as an option.) Each item will be in the “Make Today Delicious” design theme. Condiment accessories are also available for the toppings area or self-service food station. Check out our other complete merchandising kits for roller grills. With a merchandising kit from FoodSignPros, your roller grill can become a statement piece and product sales driver for your restaurant or store.

Custom Grill Kit Options Available

Need a custom solution for your roller grill or hot food area? We can help. The design team at FoodSignPros can provide unique merchandising solutions for every grill, display case, accessory, utensil, or kitchen. We love creating custom solutions. Contact us to let us handle your custom needs!