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"Fresh Brewed" Velcro Coffee Timer

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Everyone likes to start their day with some fresh, hot coffee. But how do you know your customers are getting a cup of coffee from a fresh new pot? That's where our coffee timer comes in. The FoodSignPros Fresh Brewed Coffee Timer attaches onto any surface using commercial grade Velcro. The timer dial helps your employees by telling them when the coffee is spoiled (4-hour timer). This simple tool is easy to use and saves you money by decreasing unnecessary waste.

Use the included Velcro to attach the coffee timer to coffee decanters, brewers, or coffee makers. To set the timer, simply turn the knob until the green line is on the current time. Then the red line shows you at what time the coffee needs to be thrown out. Are you looking for a coffee timer that attaches to a coffee pot or glass carafe? Then check out our Java Minder Coffee Clip with Timer Dial. It works the same way, only it attaches to different coffee carafes.

With the Coffee Timer from FoodSignPros, coffee brewing is easy. Our timer makes it convenient for a barista to ensure your customers are happy and satisfied with their hot cup of coffee. Great service promotes shopping that lets consumers buy with confidence.

Features of our "Fresh Brewed" Velcro Coffee Timer

  • Timer Dial with 4-hour timer - shows brewing times for coffee
  • Easy to use design, can stick to virtually any machine to show brew time
  • Use it with all sorts of coffee machines: drip coffee makers, decanters, brewers, and all sorts of other coffee makers and vessels. Attaches to stainless steel, plastic, and other common coffee maker materials.
  • Timer includes "Fresh Brewed" graphic, black plastic base, and Velcro mounting strips
  • Coffee timer is high-heat resistant, dishwasher safe, and food safe

Custom Coffee Merchandising Solutions

We can make your coffee station or coffee shop look its best. Be in complete control of your brand with integrated signage and displays. We have signage options in every size and for every item. Make sure the signage on your programmable coffee machines and cappuccino and espresso machines match the style of the rest of your store. Save time by creating content-rich menus and price displays. Do you serve lattes, teas, French press coffee, or other single serve drinks? Your customers need to know that. Your display should showcase everything available to purchase. We can make your existing coffee station look like new when you choose clean, stylish merchandising solutions from FoodSignPros!

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