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Food Sleeve Holder

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Perfect for any food service operation, FoodSignPros’ Sleeve Holder attaches directly to any food display and ensures easy access to food sleeves or carriers. That makes it simple to keep your hot dog wrappers and other food sleeves right next to the roller grill. Convenient placement of wrappers and hot dog trays improves customer throughput and makes for happier patrons. That's a winning combination.

As depicted, FoodSignPros’ Sleeve Holder affixes directly to any roller grill. The holder provides customers easy access to hot-dog carrying sleeves to increase customer satisfaction, throughput, cleanliness, and revenue. The holder works for all sorts of products: paper hot dog bags, foil wrappers, small food carriers, and so many more.

Features & Benefits of our FoodSignPros Sleeve Holder

  • Freestanding or attachable box to hold food sleeves.
  • Product comes with commercial Velcro to easily secure anywhere in your display area.
  • High heat resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food safe
  • Can feature custom signage that says more than "sleeves," such as your logo or custom graphics. Contact us for customization!

Check out our complete line of hot dog roller grill solutions

At FoodSignPros we offer so much more than just a better way to hold hot dog wrappers. We have a complete line of easy-to-use solutions that can turn your roller grill into a sales machine. Check out our extensive collection of roller grill signs and sign holders. We also have a variety of accessories that add increased functionality to your roller grill area. And we would be remiss if we didn't mention our expert custom signage design team. We can make custom signs for all your food-service needs, not just for your roller grill area. We're the leader in food signs for a reason.

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