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Econo - Sneeze Guard / Food Shield for Roller Grills

Original price $262.99 - Original price $313.99
Original price
$262.99 - $313.99
Current price $262.99

Award-Winning, Food-Safe, Patented

FoodSignPros’ Roller Grill Sneeze Guards offer safety, style, and regulatory compliance that are unmatched by any other seller. You know you're getting the best sneeze guard on the market when you buy a FoodSignPros roller grill sneeze guard. Protect your hot dogs and other roller grill items from germs and airborne pathogens with our patented Sneeze Guard. The large clear panel allows everyone in line to see what they want to order. Add our easy to install hardware to the roller grills on your counter to get the sneeze barrier you need. Use this sneeze guard as a replacement for your old guards without having to replace your expensive roller grill equipment.

The Econo Sneeze Guard is our basic model. We make the canopy from clear polycarbonate and the brackets from aluminum. Its classic design will look at home on any hot dog roller grill on any counter. This is a great and cost-effective replacement for old and discolored sneeze guards.

Award Winning

When buying a glass, plastic, acrylic, or plexiglass sneeze guard, you need to know that you're getting the best sneeze barrier on the market. Winner of “Best New Product” award in 2018, FoodSignPros’ Food Shields protect roller-grill items from germs and other airborne hazards. Our Sneeze Guards are made from FDA listed polycarbonate. That means they're much stronger than glass or acrylic. They give your shop the protection it needs with a product that is easy to maintain, effective, and the right price. Check out how our custom manufacturing can help make your roller grills work for your customers and your business.

Food Safe

Even the most stringent health inspectors favor FoodSignPros’ Sneeze Guards. It's the industry leader in food safety and product display. Our Sneeze Guard makes it easy for your countertop grills to comply with state and local requirements.


FoodSignPros’ Roller Grill Sneeze Guards protect your food and allow easy service at the counter or roller grill bar. Each barrier is easy to use and custom crafted to fit your specific roller grills.

Check out our complete Roller Grill Sneeze Guard line

The best sneeze guards for all of your dog roller equipment.

Three Models Available:

For the ultimate roller grill safety, combine FoodSignPros’ sneeze guards with FoodSignPros’ patented AirShield (sold separately). It's the biggest innovation in sneeze guard and barrier technology in decades.

And, to maximize total profits, pair your sneeze guard with FoodSignPros' Roller Grill Chip Rack

Features & Benefits

  • Every FoodSignPros' Roller Grill Sneeze Guard protects food from germs and other airborne hazards.
  • Favored by even the most stringent health inspectors.
  • Open-air design—offers protection without interfering with the fragrance and allure of your roller grill hot dogs or other proteins.
  • Sleek, modern, and stylish—our sneeze guards offer maximum protection with minimal visual obstruction to attract the most business.
  • Our expertly designed sneeze guard barrier is high enough to allow for easy access to grill items yet low enough to guard your food. The large clear top panel on the sneeze guard serves your facility and customers by showcasing your hot dogs and other roller grill foods.
  • Our guards are made with FDA listed polycarbonate and aluminum brackets and side frames. That means they're much stronger than glass or acrylic sneeze guards.
  • Installation of the clear stand is a breeze.
  • Select your roller grill model to ensure our guard is the perfect size and fit for your machine.
  • Rugged, sturdy, and durable.
  • The sneeze guard bracket easily attaches to your hot dog roller grill.
  • Will not discolor from grease or heat.
  • Easy to clean with warm water and soap.
  • Patented—not available elsewhere.
  • Perfect for use with FoodSignPros’ Sellavator Divider System (sold separately).

Complete Roller Grill Merchandising Available

Don't stop with just a sneeze guard for your hot dog grill. FoodSignPros offers complete merchandising solutions for your roller grills and hot food counter.

Contact us for custom orders!