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Contact Us for Bulk & Custom Orders

Creative Serving Roller Grill RR33X and RR48X

Original price $1,441.99 - Original price $1,707.99
Original price
$1,441.99 - $1,707.99
Current price $1,441.99

Are you tired of your old roller grill leaving customers with hot dogs that aren't hot? Sausages that aren't cooked? And wasted product stuck to your grill? Then it's time for a new roller grill. The Creative Serving Ruff Rider Roller Grills are the industry leader in roller grill equipment. These durable grills provide years of trouble-free operation. Our unique sealed rollers allow for even heat distribution throughout your entire roller grill. This eliminates wasted food caused by uneven cooking. Our grills are also highly efficient, which means more energy savings for you.

* Includes the Roller Grill only - Does not include the Sneeze Guard.

Roller Grill Features

  • Even heating throughout the entire grill: consistent cooking of all your grill products
  • Non-stick rollers: hot dogs, sausages, and taquitos don't get stuck on the equipment, eliminating food waste
  • Simple operation: roller grill is easy to set
  • Compatible with our complete line of roller grill signs and accessories. Take your roller grill from a useful piece of equipment to the hottest new venue to show off your products.

Electrical Specs of the Roller Grill


RR33X: 120 volts, 8 amps, 960 watts

Dimensions of the RR33X: 27.00" W × 23.50" D × 10.75" H


RR48X: 120 volts, 11 amps, 1300 watts

Dimensions of the RR48X: 33.50" W × 24.50" D × 10.75" H

Custom Options Available

Need a custom solution for your roller grill or grilling area? We can help. The design team at FoodSignPros can provide unique merchandising solutions for every grill, display case, accessory, utensil, or kitchen. We love creating custom solutions. Contact us to let us handle your custom needs!

Check out our complete line of roller grills and roller grill accessories. Boost your sales with the Creative Serving Roller Grill. Contact us for more information!