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Bakery Shelf Strip for Retail

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$42.99 - $42.99
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Pack of 12 Shelf Strips in "Sweet Treats" or "Fresh Baked" Designs

Shelf strips may be small, but they can be remarkably great sales tools for your shop. These well-designed custom-printed vinyl strips fit in the standard shelf channel at the edge of your shelves. Easy to use. No adhesive needed. Just slide these strips into the shelf edge's signage channel.

Retail shelf strips are a must for any business. They capture your customers' attention right at the point of picking an item off the shelf. Because they go into the signage channel on your shelves, our shelf strips are in the right place without being in the way. That helps you sell more products. These pink and wood grain strips are a pop of color to catch your customer's attention and display your product in your store! Our black and white signs add a touch of sophistication to the display of your bakery products. Our shelf strips make your shelving work for you. The shelves in your display cases will look great when they feature our food-safe plastic shelf strips.

Features of our Bakery Shelf Strips

Available in two standard designs. They coordinate with our bakery signage line. We can also make custom shelf strips, and not just for your bakery.

Sweat Treats

  • 12-pack of black and white "Sweet Treats" Shelf Strips

Fresh Baked

  • 6-pack of pink "Fresh Baked" Shelf Strips
  • 6-pack of woodgrain "Fresh Baked" Shelf Strips

Custom shelf strips available

We can create custom shelf strips for your business. Our designers can create the perfect signs for your shelving and other fixtures. We can coordinate with your existing branding, labels, price tags, and signage. We also carry a complete line of sign holders in a variety of sizes that meet your every need.

Deliver information about your products to your customers with our shelf strips and boost your sales. Contact us for more details about our FoodSignPros shelf strips!