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2D Mounted Guard - Cashier Sneeze Guard

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FoodSignPros clear plastic 2D Mounted Cashier Sneeze Guard offers high safety through shield barriers. The plastic mounted guard protects both employees and customers from unwanted germs and does not restrict clear visibility. These sneeze guards are designed to be used at the checkout of any retail establishment. The cashier sneeze guard is mounted directly to the register or screen at the checkout counter. It provides a safety barrier between the cashier and customer.

Nobody likes it when customers cough or sneeze near them, but sometimes close proximity with other people in your business is unavoidable. That's where our transparent sneeze guard comes in. The clear plastic sneeze guard offers unmatched safety, style, and regulatory compliance for your shop or restaurant. Your store gets superior protection with this easy to use sneeze guard.

Contact us for custom dimensions for your plastic sneeze guard! We can make sneeze guards that are suitable for desks, offices, and wherever compliance policy requires.

Features of our Mounted Cashier Sneeze Guard

  • Mounted Guard attaches to the register
  • Product is a protective barrier against germs and pathogens
  • Protection of employees and customers through the Sneeze Guard
  • Panel made with plastic materials. That supplies durability and visibility.
  • Clear shield has great visibility. It's a barrier for germs but not a barrier to great customer service at your store.
  • Plastic sneeze guard is easy to clean and disinfect
  • Contact us for custom dimensions of the product!
  • Information required from the buyer: what guard will be mounted to and the desired guard size.

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions: 40" high x 30" wide

We also carry countertop sneeze guards and bolted sneeze guards. Choose the style that best suits your business.

We ship everywhere. Call for special shipping pricing and returns. Contact us for custom orders. Buy your protective sneeze guards today!