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Silicone Pan Lids - NSF Listed

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Safety & Branding—Fully Covered

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FoodSignPros’ patented silicone pan lids provide a degree of food safety and convenience that is unattainable from any other product on the market.

Made of food-safe, high-heat silicone, FoodSignPros’ pan lids boost sales by making even your most germaphobic customers feel safe, secure, and excited to try your delicious food.

FoodSignPros’ pan lids cover individual food pans of any size—1/3, 1/6, 1/3, etc.—and any shape—round, square, rectangle, etc. They protect pan contents from airborne hazards and other debris, while also sporting beautiful custom graphics to label food, cross-sell, and more.

FoodSignPros’ pan lids are easy-to-use, install, and clean. They are available in self-closing and non-self-closing models.   

FoodSignPros silicone pan lids are NSF listed and food safe. They are high-heat resistant up to 300 degrees F. They are completely dishwasher safe—just throw them in.

FoodSignPros’ silicone pan lids come with built-in signage channels, which lets them display custom graphics and signage (sold separately) to identify food, provide nutrition facts, up-sell, and more. You can add any logo, message, or design to your exact preference to match your branding. FoodSignPros’ pan lids can label food, show off new products or specials, enhance your brand with logos and slogans, or convey any other message. Contact us for customization.

FoodSignPros’ pans lids are soft and pleasing to the touch. They are completely silent. They retain a very “clean” appearance even after long periods of use.

FoodSignPros’ patented lids are the key to assuaging food-safety concerns following COVID-19!

Features & Benefits
  • Prevents cross-contamination. Blocks airborne hazards from landing in food. Keeps contents fresh.
  • NSF listed and food safe.
  • High-quality construction. Made of food-safe, high-heat silicone. Very “clean” looking and smooth to the touch.
  • Add any custom graphics or design.
  • Available for any pan size or shape.
  • Available in self-closing and non-self-closing models.
  • Special slot for serving utensils.
  • Makes pans appear full and clean.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • High heat resistant.

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