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Roller Grill Chip Rack

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More than Meets the Eye

Optimize bundled sales, cross-promotions, and increase shelf capacity with FoodSignPros' Roller Grill Chip Rack. 

Sits on top of FoodSignPros' sneeze guards (sold separately) and holds chips or other products to increase sales. Perfect for bundled offerings. 

Easily secures onto FoodSignPros Roller Grill Sneeze Guards in seconds. 

Conserve Counter Space; Increase Sales - FoodSignPros' Roller Grill Chip Rack holds additional product on top of your roller grill. That helps save precious counter space. Beyond that, its position on top of the roller grill makes it an extremely attractive impulse-purchase point directly in front of your customers' line of sight. (Eye level is buy level!)

Signage Hub

Beyond holding chips, FoodSignPros' Roller Grill Chip Rack also features built-in signage holders to take your roller grill even higher. 

FoodSignPros' Roller Grill Chip Rack features a C-Channel in front for custom shelf strips (sold separately). 

It also features signage clips in the back/rear to hold medium-to-large menu/header signage (sold separately) over and above the chip rack. This allows you to vertically "frame" your entire roller-grill area. This attracts attention from a distance and makes your roller grill a must-see destination for customers inside your store. 

Features & Benefits 
  • FoodSignPros' Roller Grill Chip Rack holds product on top of roller grill sneeze guard to help maximize profits and attract attention. 
  • Made of sleek, durable black wire. 
  • Perfect for FoodSignPros Food Shields (sold separately). 
  • Easy to install. 
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Doubles as signage hub--built-in signage holders in front and back.
  • Universal size. Fits with all FoodSignPros roller-grill sneeze guards (sold separately).