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Gas Nozzle Gloves Dispenser + Roll of 100 Gloves

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A sleek, round Gas Pump Nozzle Glove Dispenser with a roll of 100 natural, plant based, compostable gloves. The Dispenser attaches easily to a gas pump or a column with double stick tape or screws. the all natural, compostable gloves protect hands from grease, germs and bacteria while pumping gas! Customers will appreciate you providing them a Free Glove to pump gas! #Stayhealthy, #compostable


  • 1 Sleek Round Dispenser that attaches to gas pump or column
  • 1 Roll 100 all-natural, compostable gloves
  • 3M Industrial Mounting Tape for secure attachment to gas pump or column
  • 1 Ad on both sides of Dispenser: ‚ÄòNatural, Plant-Based, FREE-Glove‚Äô
  • Gloves shelf life is 2 years

Dispenser attaches easily to side of gas pump or column with double stick tape or screws. Ideal location for customers to pull Free glove from bottom of round dispenser. Grabbies Gas Gloves are unique, over sized and easy to use and dispose of. Increase customer satisfaction at your convenience store by offering customers a free glove.


All Natural, Plant-Based Gloves are:

  • Made from Eco-friendly, all natural, plant based materials
  • Designed to protect hands while pumping gas
  • Better for our planet
  • Available in Rolls of 100 or 200 compostable gloves
  • Oversized to fit most hands
  • USA_Flag_Sm Made In the U.S.A.!

Technical Specs

  • DIMENSIONS: 20″ x 9″
  • PRODUCTION TIME: 1-2 weeks