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The Future of Food Safety

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Featured in global media outlets such as the Washington Post, FoodSignPros' patent-pending AirShield is blowing away the food  industry. 

The AirShield is comprised of continuously blown air that creates a "shield" in front of the otherwise unprotected sides of your sneeze guard(s). This "shield" of air diverts airborne hazards away from your display food. The protection is nonstop and dependable in all areas, both before, during and after a customer accesses your food or high traffic zones. Customers can easily reach straight through the "shield" of blown air to access the food within, while airborne hazards cannot. Learn more

The Air Shield™ protects your roller grill from airborne hazards while promoting the sales-inducing aroma of your favorite roller-grill products.

Safety and profits! Regular sneeze guards offer no lateral protection against airborne hazards. Fully enclosed sneeze guards, on the other hand, offer lateral protection against airborne hazards but thwart what makes roller grills so profitable—the sensory stimulation and aroma of perfectly cooked, rotating, glistening food.

FoodSignPros' patent-pending Air Shield™ provides the best of both worlds—lateral protection against airborne hazards while promoting even more sales-inducing aroma than before. But don’t take our word for it. Ask the FDA!

The FDA explicitly recognizes air curtains as an effective way to protect food from airborne hazards.

  • According to the FDA, airborne hazards, such as “microbes,” often “originate from people” and travel “considerable distances on air currents.” Food Code ¶ 3-306.11, Annex 3.
  • For this reason, the FDA requires display foods be protected from airborne hazards by sufficiently “effective means.” Food Code ¶ 3-306.11.
  • The FDA explicitly states that “air curtains” do effectively protect against airborne hazards. See, e.g., Food Code ¶ 6-202.15(D)(2) (including hazards as large as “flying insects”).
  • Therefore, the FDA holds that our sneeze-guard air curtain—the Air Shield™ does effectively protect food against airborne hazards.

Beyond that, the Air Shield™ benefits both your wallet and the world. Food that becomes contaminated must be thrown away. See, e.g., Food Code ¶ 3.307.11(A)-(D). The Air Shield™ reduces the amount of food that becomes contaminated. Therefore, the Air Shield™ reduces the amount of food that you must throw away. That is good for both the world and your wallet!

Only available for custom order!
Contact us to learn more!  
  • Lasts 50,000 hours
  • Plugs into a standard 110v outlet
  • Puts out 350cfm of air and spins at 4500rpm