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Bakery Shelf Strip for Retail

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Pack of 12 "Sweet Treats" Shelf Strip

Shelf strips may be small, but they can be remarkably great sales tools for your shop. These well-designed custom-printed vinyl strips fit in the channel of shelf edges. These pink and wood grain strips are a pop of color to catch your customer's attention and display your product in your store!

Features of our Bakery Shelf Strips

Sweat Treats

  • 6 packs of "Sweet Treats" Shelf Strips
  • 6 packs of black "Sweat Treats" Strips

Fresh Baked

  • 6 packs of pink "Fresh Baked" Strips
  • 6 packs of woodgrain "Fresh Baked" Strips

Deliver information about your products to your customers with our shelf strips and boost your sales. Contact us for more details about our FoodSignPros strips!